Agent Referral Program


Referring a new owner

In order to refer a client interested in owning a property to iHome Realty LLC, please read over the following and submit the requested information so we can contact the individual within several business hours.

As the referring agent, you are entitled to a generous referral fee when we sign a property management agreement with the referred client, and locate a tenant who signs a lease and takes up residence in the referred owner’s property.

In the event that the client decides to sell the property, we will refer the client back to the referring agent, and will make no attempt to sell the property.

Referring a tenant

As a property management company that seeks to maximize its owners’ investments, we always appreciate tenant referrals. To refer a tenant, please submit the requested information in the referral form.

If your referred tenant applies and is approved for one of our owners’ properties, you will receive the referral that is listed in the MLS. You will receive this referral fee when the referred tenant has moved into the property.

Referral form

Realtor Info

Client Info