Veterans of the real estate business

Naturally, we haven’t always been in property management. In fact, we used to be where you are. Real estate investors. Property owners. That’s how we came to realize what a need there was for truly excellent property managers in Orlando.

We became tired of leaving voicemails for our property management company, or having emails go unanswered. Tired of being told an issue would be dealt with promptly, only to hear from an unsatisfied tenant 24 hours later. Eventually we got tired of being tired, so we decided to get energized. That’s when we launched iHome Realty LLC – a full-service, highly-accessible Orlando property management company.


Reliability and transparency – our promise to our clients

Two of the cornerstones of our operations have always been, and will always be, reliability and transparency. Almost without fail we’ve found that when a new client is hesitant to sign on for property management, it’s because they’ve had negative experiences with other property management companies.

We would never dream of trying to make money by charging mark-ups on the work done by our subcontractors. This may be considered standard practice in the industry, but we consider it criminal.

We only work with licensed and certified subcontractors who have years of experience and offer competitive rates. With iHome Realty, you can be sure that your property management company not only works to find the best rates for the work your property may require, but also that any repairs that are completed are absolutely necessary. And since you only pay exactly what the subcontractor charges, never any mark-ups, we don’t stand to gain anything from repairs and maintenance.

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Home is where the heart is

We are entirely and intently focused on the Orange County, Seminole County and Osceola County area. This is the region we live in, the region we love, and the region we know north to south, east to west, inside and out. This is also the region that keeps us close to our owners, their tenants and the properties that have been entrusted to us – and this proximity makes a world of difference.